Dino Takeover

4th August - 25th August

Dino Academy
Saturday, 4th August

Meet Professor T Rex and Velocity Raptor and learn all there is to know about dinosaurs! (Well, some of what there is to know anyway… can you spot the dino facts and the di-not-so-facts in their roaming lessons?)

Meet at the “school gates” and join this enthusiastic educational duo for hourly roaming trails around the centre to discover some amazing facts!

Dino Detectives
Saturday, 11th August

Rumours about this mysterious dinosaur egg have started to spread and this keen pair of Dino Detectives are out to discover the truth. Can you help them?
Everyone is talking about it! Can there REALLY be a REAL dinosaur egg in the shopping centre? Meet Terry Dactyl at the doors of her Dino Detective office, collect your magnifying glasses and dino-stalker hats, and get ready to do some serious detective work.

This is a dino stomping, rip ROARing, story-telling adventure! Our Dino Detectives will help to build the excitement in the lead up to the reveal of the “real” dinosaur during the final event.

The trail will follow dino footprints and clues around the centre until each group discovers the egg. You will get your DETECTIVE stamp on their Pavilions Palaeontology

Jurassic News
Saturday, 18th August

The discovery of a REAL soon-to -hatch dinosaur egg has spread far and wide, and the Jurassic News Crew are at the Pavilions to capture the “breaking” news.

Meet at the site of the egg only to discover that the egg has hatched and the baby is … missing! Along with your budding journalist gang, you will set off to find the missing hatchling with TV camera and boom microphone to capture the adventure. You will be interviewed, and YOU get to interview shoppers to get the latest news to stream live to the world! Will the baby dinosaur eventually be discovered in the centre?

Don’t forget to get your NEWS REPORTER stamp on your Pavilions Palaeontology Passport!

Dinosaurs at LARGE!
Saturday, 25th August

It is the moment we have all worked so hard for!

Live, in The Pavilions, a dinosaur on the loose…come and meet the live T-Rex at regular intervals during the day. Don’t fear, she is really nice and love a roaring crowd.